Science and Health 

From its first publication in 1875 to today - 138 years in print - Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy has transformed the lives of thousands who have ventured into its pages and embarked on a spiritual journey. For many, it has become a reference book for life. It continues to transform lives - one at a time. It can transform your life.

If you are looking for a more effective way to pray - it can help you. If you're looking deeper into the meaning of your life - it can help you. If you're looking for better health and peace of mind - it can help you. Whatever the focus of your search for spirituality - Science and Health is dedicated to you.

The author, Mary Baker Eddy, devoted more than four decades to communicating a message of hope, healing, comfort, and spiritual strength to the world. Her primary sourcebook was the Bible. She had read and loved the Bible all her life, so it was natural for her to turn to it when searching for healing and well-being. Her genuine love for God helped her bring an inspired reading to the scriptural pages, gradually revealing to her the science of healing underlying Biblical texts.

As Mrs. Eddy's ability to prove the effectiveness of her discovery grew, she established herself as a healer and began to teach others how to heal. In 1868, she was asked to help a woman dying from pneumonia. The doctor in attendance informed her that there was no hope for the patient. However, Mrs. Eddy immediately cured the woman. The doctor urged her to write a book about her system of healing and share it with the world. Science and Health is the result.

The author intended this book to be a guidebook on practical spirituality for anyone, regardless of circumstance, religion, culture, occupation, education or age. Science and Health explains universal spiritual laws that, when understood and applied, bring comfort, transformation and healing. It continues to be one of the most effective and enduring books on spirituality and healing.

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"Science and Health
With Key to the Scriptures"
by Mary Baker Eddy